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Lynn JacksonWith 30 years of experience in estimating and managing Residential and Commercial jobs as large as $5,000,000, I can offer consulting on a wide range of subjects. These include Marketing, Managing Growth, Field Production, Contract Administration, dealing with General Contractors and Blueprint Reading and Estimating, to name a few.

Consulting and estimating done in person or via Internet. Please email for more information to

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Lynn Jackson’s Paint Precise services are a valuable resource for our growing commercial painting company. He consults on all levels of paint contracting, marketing, to estimating and sales all the way through production practice in the field, customer satisfaction and profitability in our company. His personalized service and straight forward approach are very helpful in getting to the point of running a successful painting business. A+++ & Five Stars for Lynn at Paint Precise

Primo Williams / Owner


Lynn I wanted to thank you for all the help you have provided. You have given me a wealth of knowledge, and direction as we start to pursue some elements of commercial painting. The marketing plan that was provided was first rate and comprehensive. We are using it to implement market strategies.
I also appreciate your book as it’s a wonderful wealth of knowledge you have written to provide people solid ground to formulate a company game plan for attacking the commercial market. Clearly your many years in the industry has given you a wealth of knowledge.
In addition our one on one sessions have been most informative as I have enjoyed
chatting with you about your extensive knowledge of sales, estimating, and running a well rounded business.
We look forward to having you assist us in the future as we continue to grow.

David Mountain
Mountain Painting Company