Dealing successfully with owners, architects, and general contractors

bidding process

Bidding Strategies

There are a number of things that are critical for your path to success. Dealing successfully with owners, architects, and general contractors includes Marketing, The Bidding Process and Contract Negotiation. also, your success starts with smart marketing. I will reveal the techniques for evaluating which customers you want to target, and to become one of their go to painting contractors. Because this can serve to separate you from your competition, it greatly increases your chances of winning. It is critical to maintain contacts with the estimators and project managers on a customer’s staff. This way you can keep in the loop with their available bids. This provides a huge advantage over your competition, because companies that chase bids through the Plan Centers will have fewer selective opportunities. These strategies and others will be dealt with in my book Paint Contracting and Estimating.

Request for Proposal is part of Dealing successfully with owners, architects, and general contractors

When you do receive an invitation to bid, or a RFP (Request for Proposal), the email will typically include a link to their FTP site where you can download the bid documents. I will walk you through the process of obtaining plans and specs, and how to proceed to assemble a winning bid. One of the positioning tools I will discuss is the Scope Letter. This is an excellent communication tool, and most Generals appreciate it.

Set Yourself Apart from your Competition

Always try to do things that will help to set you apart from your competition. Many of them do not include such professional courtesies as the Scope Letter. If the Generals can rely on you to be their expert, this will help strengthen your relationship and further set you apart from your competitors. Remember, the keys to dealing successfully with owners, architects, and general contractors can be as simple as common courtesy. Also focus on being responsive and available. The company that builds their business on Relationship-Based work will out shine the competition, and enjoy much greater success.


About the Author

Lynn Jackson began his painting career over twenty years ago under the watchful eye of a master painter. After many years of learning and perfecting his trade, working both on his own and for contractors, he finally settled in Northern California.

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  1. William Bryant says:

    Hi Lynn, which one of your products will assist and teach me how to read,present and bid accurately. I am interest in how you also explain how to get the upper hand in with GC as their favorite of choice painting contractor.


    • Lynn Jackson says:


      I think my book Paint Contracting and Estimating as well as the DVD on Blueprint Reading and Estimating would be your best bet. They both contain some of the same information, but the DVD has more detail regarding blueprint reading, estimating and presenting bids.


  2. anthony patino says:

    I need to learn about reading blue prints and estimate painting jobs

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