Paint Estimating Reviews

Paint Estimating Reviews

Lynn Jackson has been in the paint contracting business for many years, and has recently published his own book, DVD and CD to help others to provide accurate estimating and proposal systems.

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Paint Estimating Reviews

Paint Contracting and Estimating Book – A straightforward, practical guide

My book, Paint Contracting and Estimating, is not specifically designed for the largest painting contractors. Nonetheless, they can also benefit from this book. Instead, you will find it is geared more for the small to medium sized painting operation. My aim is to help those operations that want to take things to the next level. My book provides a useful, step-by-step approach to becoming a better contractor and estimator. In addition, it gives you numerous tips on how to win more bids. This book is different from some others you may find. It is not just a bunch of spreadsheets and tables sandwiched between two covers.  Still, many useful production and spread rate examples are provided as well.

Paint Precise Estimating Software is designed specifically for painting contractors

Paint Precise Estimating Software is a simple to use Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. You will see however it is much more than that. Especially relevant, you can also take advantage of the database library, linked to the spreadsheet. More than that, the built-in formulas pull information from the database for production rates, labor rates, material and equipment costs for you. You simply enter your takeoff quantities and the the codes for Labor, Materials and Equipment. Next, you enter any other miscellaneous items you choose as well. Most of all, Paint Precise takes it from there and calculates all the math for you, adds overhead and profit and totals it all up. Consequently, you save hours of bidding time, compared to other programs.

                                                                                               Blueprint Reading and Estimating Video

Lynn’s Blueprint Reading and Estimating Video is a one hour instructional video. It is designed for beginners as well as people who want to strengthen their blueprint reading and estimating skills. It covers project manuals (Spec Books), and also details the tools you will need. You will see, in addition, that it demonstrates the techniques and step by step process of doing takeoffs from sets of plans. Also included are a number of resources and several “lessons learned” tips to help you position yourself for success.


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