Sales and Marketing Strategies


Sales and Marketing Strategies

Determining the size of your company and your Sales and Marketing Strategies is critical to your success. This involves evaluating your opportunities as well as your resources. For years I dreaded making cold calls. I felt as if I was imposing on people by trying to market our services to them. Finally it occurred to me that the stereotype of a sales person I had in my mind didn’t have to apply to me. I realized that I was an honest guy, and was not out to take advantage of anyone. I also knew that I had a desire to provide my customers with top quality service. This helped me to adopt the perspective that I wasn’t only making customers, but I was making friends as well. This positive attitude made my marketing efforts much more enjoyable; I even began to look forward to it.

                                                                                                                  Types of Advertising Options

In marketing, you should strive to “Create the impression you are everywhere”. There are several vehicles for advertising through media, print and the Internet, for example, that can go a long way toward accomplishing this goal. I discuss a number of these in Paint Contracting and Estimating, with details about numerous other methods of advertising as well. I have also included several tips from years of “lessons learned” which can give you quite an edge over your competition. They may not seem like secrets, but for some reason many companies just don’t seem to get it.

                                                                                             Shorten Your Learning Curve and Increase Profits

Among other things I will discuss, professionalism, presentation and active listening; it is all discussed in detail. It took me years to assemble this comprehensive marketing strategy, and I am providing it to you in the hope that it will save you a substantial amount of time. My goal is also to shorten your learning curve and set you on the path to increased profits. Armed with the information these tips provide, you will be far better equipped for effective presentations to your prospective customers (friends).

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Lynn Jackson began his painting career over twenty years ago under the watchful eye of a master painter. After many years of learning and perfecting his trade, working both on his own and for contractors, he finally settled in Northern California.

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