How to do Takeoffs from job sites and plans

How to do Takeoffs from job sites and plans

How to do Takeoffs from job sites and plans is a very valuable part of my book Paint Contracting and Estimating. Typically, doing takeoffs at a job site will be for a Repaint project, an Addition or a Tenant Improvement (T.I.) This term is used to describe the remodeling of a building when one tenant vacates a space and another one moves in. You will find that extensive changes will be made in the design of the building in question. These will include moving walls, adding drop ceilings and other design changes. When this is the case, you will essentially be dealing with a new construction situation.

There are a number of tools that will be discussed that will aid you with your site takeoffs.

Whichever condition you are faced with, you can employ several techniques and approaches to ensure a complete and accurate takeoff. These too are discussed in detail, along with many time-saving tips which will equip you to be more accurate and efficient in performing your takeoffs.

  Estimating from Blueprints

Taking off estimates from sets of Blueprints has an entire chapter devoted to it. This will help you whether you are a novice at blueprint reading, or feel that you could use some additional training at it. There is a wealth of information included that will lead you step by step through the takeoff process. You will find that many equipment options and resources are also provided. In addition, I include numerous tips about short cuts, as well as advice on what hazards to avoid. I even discuss certain variations you can expect when reading plans created by different architects. The final step in this process is putting together your proposal. Advice on this process can be found here.

My book walks you through all of this in a structured, easy-to-understand fashion. It also enable syou to approach blueprint reading with confidence. Interested parties can also check out my companion DVD “Blueprint Reading and Estimating”. You will see that it is an excellent visual teaching tool. Reviewers have found that it expands on the content provided in my book, and goes into even more detail by providing many tips for secrets to success.

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