Writing a Proposal, Contract, and Scope of Work

Writing Proposal, Contract, Scope Work

Contract administration is a critical part of running a successful business. Managing this task will often determine your success or failure on any given project. Key to this task is Writing a Proposal, Contract, and Scope of Work. I discuss everything from the negotiation phase to the execution of the contract. Included are many resources for obtaining standard forms. These include Proposal and Contract forms, as well as information on Mechanics Lien Laws, Public Works Jobs, Construction Claims and Employment Law.

                                                                                      Types of Contracts

There are basically two types of contracts you will see: The Prime Contract or a Subcontract. This will depend on whether you are bidding work directly to an owner, or if you are bidding as a subcontractor to a general. In the first instance, the Prime Contract, you will draft your own contract. I walk through the various aspects for you, and demonstrate what you should include. In addition, I will show you the steps for submitting your contracts in a professional way. One excellent tool to utilize is the Scope of Work. This will clarify for your customers exactly what is and what is not included in your proposal. This makes it easier for them to weigh apples to apples during the bid selection process. It can also be a big advantage during the course of a project if any disputes about what you are responsible for arise.

                                     Writing a Proposal, Contract, and Scope of Work when Subcontracting

The second situation, the Subcontract, refers to when you are bidding as a subcontractor. In this situation you will typically be asked to sign the general’s contract. When you do receive such a contract, the obvious thing is to first determine what is in it. I highlight, in my book Paint Contracting and Estimating, what to expect and what to look for to protect your interests and increase your chance of having a profitable job. A sample Proposal and Contract is also provided for your use or modification as you choose. Writing a Proposal, Contract, and Scope of Work will be tasks that you will be called on to do on a regular basis, and are critical to your operations.


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Lynn Jackson began his painting career over twenty years ago under the watchful eye of a master painter. After many years of learning and perfecting his trade, working both on his own and for contractors, he finally settled in Northern California.

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